The Nightdress which she hates!

The dark memory of her childhood.

Opened the gallery to relive the memories of her old times,
An old picture in the night dress severed her radiant smile.
The unnerved fear which she had buried in the past times,
Again came roaring, flash-backing the whole sight.

It was at the dead of the night,
When her consciousness was directed to a dreamy site.
Where, Cinderella was getting ready for the party night,
‘She chortled!’ As it was happy ending story time!

Suddenly, a callused hand gushed into her night dress,
Rolling down her body; stripping off her dress.
She reflexively turned the other side, obstructing the ravisher,
Despite resistance, the Devil remained successful in conquering her!

Her teenage was so new to her,
That she didn’t know lying next to kinfolk would become nightmare for her.
There she was exposed to her gender’s darker side,
Like every story-
‘She kept shut!’, and never spoke about that haunted night.


A Letter

A Letter to Grandpa on his death anniversary.

The Heaven House,
There were times when you celebrated the birth of your grandbaby;
There were times when you defended me from my angry mommy!

There were times when you narrated me the stories of Akbar and Birbal;
There were times when we recited the pre-meal prayers making it a ritual.

There were times when we both became doctors for the birds that had fallen from the nests;
There were times when we constructed kennels for the puppies that lived on our doorsteps.

There were times we buried a dead butterfly when it ended its tale.
And there were times when I combed your grey hair into a tiny ponytail.

There were times when my favorite sound was the sound made by your alpenstock;
Still there is a question in my mind –
“Why the heart-shaped time telling machine was your favorite clock?”

And now is the time I miss you and want you to return back,
Hoping the same I drop this letter into the postal sack!                                                                                            
                                         - Muniya


The beautiful journey of birth.



He was conceived!!
The couple passionately smiled at each other,
Announcing their participation in 'his' creation!

Whether he was meticulously planned,
Medically coaxed or happened by surprise, 
Was a question mark in his mind!

Dad's arms around mama's bump;
It was then, when he gave fluttering kicks-"Hello Dad!"
Thereby leaving couples confused-
"Is that what we think? or is it just the wind?"

Again in the moonlit night, Mama felt;
A pair of heels prodding under her diaphragm side,
She supposed;
He may be playing the role of Superman in his dreamy site!

Those evening walks in the streets,
Those arguments in deciding the name of 'his'
Those imagination of 'his' resemblances -
"Mama's little ears and Dad's sexy eyes!"
Were all a part of his miraculous journey.

Finally after 36 weeks, a bottle of bubbly was opened,
Phone calls were made to announce his arrival,
Whole day was a visiting hour from acquaintances and relatives,
And that was the first time when their dearest 'Kishan Kanhaiya',
Received kisses from beautiful Ladies!

Mama woke up in the midnight,
To see 'him sleeping by her side,
And was struck with the thought-
"This is real, I'm Mama! and he's my Baby!"
As she looked into his newborn eyes,
She fell utterly in love saying each time-
"Dear! will you be my valentine?"